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Seaside’s real estate and tourist project

The project extends in an area of 121 ha and provides for enlargement of the fisherman’s seaport expansion, with the creation of the pleasure craft, to develop an integrated system of tourist residences and commercial activities, to permit the retraining of the existent activities. The tourist seaport can host almost 300 boats up to 25 meters long. Yacthing houses, offices, commercial activities, coffee bar, restaurants and a Hotel on the south-west side are planned, to contain the great square that present, on the west side, the indoor marketplace. Focus the intense construction activity in the central area, already contaminated with pre-existent activities, permit a lower use of the marginal areas and permit also an integrated construction type with the surrounding natural system. Particulary, in the headland areas are planned single house’s constructions and hotels, and along the falesia’s cliff are planned low-density leisuresand cultural activities.

The project also planned the creation of a seaside with shops, coffe bars and an Aquarium to conclude the walk. In a green area, the new hotels along the seashore complete the extensive residential area of the project, and across the waterfront, connect them with the sporting facilities, with a large waterpark and with the Aquarium.


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